Overfishing is a main threat to marine biodiversity. Though vastly ignored, overfishing can have a terrible effect on the world today. With other major environmental problems such as oil depletion and deforestation taking center stage, overfishing is almost entirely put to the side. This problem effects the environment and the human race as well. With 200 million people in the world, especially in developing countries, depending on the nutrients and minerals from fish, over fishing is a problem not to be overseen. Not only does this major problem affect humans it also throws the biological community in a state of need. Fish are food source for many different animals and if no fish are left to fit these animal’s appetites there will be a mass depletion of this world’s wildlife. For example, the herring is a bird that mainly feeds on fish, in particular cod, and with the number of cod drastically falling, the number of herring would drastically fall as well. Overfishing is another example of humans disrupting the homeostasis of the environment but it is not too late to stop this major problem. With fish and other aquatic animals, such as King Crab, Atlantic Cod and Bluefin Tuna, nearly depleted, it is time to stop this growing problem before it becomes too big to stop.

 Some people have noticed this major problem and have begun to act against it such as Nitin Desai, the Secretary General of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. Nitin said Overfishing can not continue. The depletion of fisheries poses a major threat to the food supply of millions of people.” which was exactly my point. Nitin also believes that the only way to overcome this problem is to ban together and end it that way. He also suggests having government add funding to help make the project of destroying over fishing even more possible.
            There are various different ways to end the horrible catastrophe that is over fishing. First of all, I believe many laws should be placed to help regulate the quantity of fish taken in by each fisherman. Also many fish that are in danger of over fishing are not supposed to be. Many fish are captured in the fishermen’s nets that are not even used for food or any other product that could be used by people. A solution to this problem is to make it illegal to not use the fish taken in, and if a fisherman does take in a fish that is unneeded the should be legally obligated to release the fish back where it was caught. Another thing that should be instated to save the marine environment should be a more proficient way to track the numbers of fishes so it is easy to see when and where a certain species of fish is in danger of being extinct. Also, the government should invest more money into the research of fighting this major problem.


One organization that is a key component in fighting overfishing is the World Wildlife Fund or the WWF. The WWF if is an organization that has about 5 million supporters and they make money and invest it in world problems such as overfishing. The WWF is currently improving fisheries management, fighting to set regulations on the intake of fishes and are fighting against illegal intake of fishes. Also the WWF is promoting and investing money into the improvement of selective fishing mechanisms that sort fish and are fighting to eliminate destructive fishing practices such as the destruction of deep sea habitats. Another easy way the WFF is trying to stop overfishing is promoting the use of seafood that is caught under good regulations.

            Overfishing is a major problem in our world today and should never be taken as a minor threat. There are several different ways everyone could get involved to stop this growing problem. It is time not only think about humans but the entire environment as well.   

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